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Online Valuations!

Nora offers a great opportunity here for you to quickly discover information about your fine art, antique and collectible items. 


This is ideal for any one seeking identification and value estimate of items in your collection, family home or found objects that have been or considering acquiring. Clients generally seek such a valuation out of pure curiosity, settling a friendly ‘dispute’, or to establish an asking price for re-sale. 


Online valuations are based on digital photos and details provided by you. Although these are not official ISA/USPAP standard appraisals for estate tax, donation, insurance replacement or legal matters, online valuation are given the same meticulous care, knowledge and professional integrity for only $9.99/item versus $225/hour. 


Start the journey here - (pay button) and discover how easy and fun it is to learn about your belongings. 





First and foremost, have clear, in-focus photos and dimensions ready before you place your order for an online valuation. 


After you place your order and have added the images, I may need to ask some follow-up questions.


Here are some helpful hints on what photos I will need from you for an online valuation. 


Paintings and prints:

Full image of the front, entire backside (do not remove from frame), clear, in-focus, close-up image of the signature, approximate dimensions and images of receipts, tags, labels or Certificates of Authenticity, if any. Upon request, I may need clear, in-focus, extreme close-ups of the surface, so that I can see the surface texture. 


Objects, such as lighting, glass, china, silver, jewelry, sculptures and ‘whatizzits’:

A photo of the entire front, back and underside of the object and clear, in-focus close-ups of any marks, stamps, tags, signatures or labels. 



A photo of the cover, spine and entire title and publisher page(s) inside the book.



A full image of the front, approximate height of the doll and any stamps, marks, tags or labels that may be on the back of the neck or head, bottom of feet, on outfit and/or original packaging. 


Flatware, such as forks, knives spoons:

Full length, front and back, of a fork or spoon, close up of the end of the handle to see the pattern, if you need it identified by name, if not already provided by you, and the total number of pieces, not a breakdown. And, most importantly, a clear, in-focus close-up of the maker marks on the backside of the handle of a fork or spoon (please, not a knife) and one single total number pieces in the set.


China sets:

The total number of place settings, how many pieces in the place setting and entire number of pieces in the set, with at least one photo of the front and underside of a plate and clear in-focus image of the maker stamps.



A photo of the entire front of the piece, top to bottom in one image, and any maker stamps, tags or labels, which will most likely be located inside top drawers. 

If there are drawers, I may further request images of the corner of a drawer to see the method of joinery to determine the date made.


Anything else, or just don’t know where to begin - photos of the front, back and underside for most items will work!






If you thought an online valuation for $9.99 per item was a great service, you are in store for more great options! 


Coming Soon are even more enhanced services to help you!


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With a quarter decade of successful sales Nora Knows how to quickly and correctly present your listing to highlight the right key words buyers use to search for items they want and you may have! $4.99 written listing, after the $9.99 online valuation


Not tech savvy and want to make it easier on yourself with a phone call? 

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